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Fic: Male Dancers, Simon/Rhydian
ipywp wrote in simonslash
Title: Male Dancers
Pairing: Simon Cowell/Rhydian Roberts
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own, etc.
Summary: Set after the infamous Go West episode of X Factor. Simon is intrigued by Rhydian's fondness for male dancers.


Rhydian is... he’s not sure there’s a word to cover how he feels, actually. Shocked? Appalled? All he knows is that he’s absolutely paralysed with Simon standing between his legs, swaying his hips in a manner he never thought the man was even capable of, and he has no idea what to do with his hands. They hover in the air and hang by his sides uselessly.

It’s hard to think with Simon’s crotch waving inches in front of his face.

Then Simon’s hands are on his shoulders and he tears his gaze away from the tent in the high-waisted trousers to look up at his face. His confusion must be evident, because Simon quirks an eyebrow and lets the corner of his mouth twitch upwardsin a smug smile.

“What was it you said about enjoying the male dancers?”

Rhydian’s hands find themselves gripping Simon’s hips, and he returns the grin. “I can’t remember exactly. Care to refresh my memory?”


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